Open Position: Researcher


Success Stories Program is an alternative to prisons that builds safer communities by delivering feminist programming to people who have caused harm.


Success Stories is a 12-week workshop series based in feminist theory that radically reshapes how people who have caused harm see themselves, their goals, and their relationships to the people closest to them.


Success Stories works primarily with cismen between the ages of 18-35, who have the highest rates of recidivism, but Success Stories also works with, transwomxn, transmen, ciswomxn and nonbinary people of all ages who have been harmed or caused harm because of patriarchy. All workshops are led and facilitated by currently or formerly incarcerated people. 


The program utilizes a “Relate-Investigate-Recreate” model where peer facilitators don’t try to teach participants in lecture style classroom seek to relate with them by describing how they personally dealt with or deal with similar thoughts and behaviors. 


After program graduation, participants stay connected as a part of our Alumni Network, which offers tangible resource sharing, programming and accountability to continue on their individual and collective transformative journeys. Many also go on to become facilitators.


We are seeking a researcher or research team to help us tell our story and: 


  1. Develop and conduct surveys with participants to measure their relationship to the existing program material 

    1. Methodology for data collection 

    2. Methodology for analysis 

  2. Plan and begin implementation of longitudinal studies focused on the evaluation of regional recidivism rates and communal shifts around violence and interactions with the carceral system in areas where we are delivering programming. 

  3. Develop and conduct qualitative studies with the loved ones of participants to build an analysis of the impact of the program on interpersonal relationships. 

  4. Present strong quantitative and qualitative data for use in evidence-based reports for multiple government institutions or systems (like foster care, diversion, prison). 


We value collective decision making and root ourselves in the lived experience of our whole team. We are looking for someone who is creative, works well independently but with a lens towards collective liberation. This person will be methodologically rigorous and demonstrates a commitment to providing reliable data, and who has an understanding of the ways that incarceration impacts people inside, their loved ones and their communities (mentally, spiritually, and materially). 


This will be a contracted position based on specific pieces of the projects. 


Please send a cover letter detailing your experience and commitment to social justice and resume to by March 24, 2021.