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Our Program

offered virtually

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Our work began inside of prisons, but in 2020 Success Stories began offering our 13-week workshop series in spaces outside of prisons.

About the Program:

  • Offered to cis men who are formerly incarcerated, have interacted with the criminal punishment system, or are at risk of being criminalized or incarcerated. 

  • Based in feminist theory that radically reshapes how people who have caused harm see themselves, their goals, and their relationships to the people closest to them.

  • Utilizes a “Relate – Investigate – Recreate” model where peer facilitators seek to relate with participants by describing how they personally dealt with or deal with similar thoughts and behaviors. 

  • All programs are facilitated by coaches who are formerly incarcerated or system impacted. 

  • Available to anyone with access to Zoom, including video.

After graduating, all participants stay connected as a part of our Alumni Network, which offers tangible resource sharing, programming, and accountability to continue on their individual and collective journeys. 

What Our Participants Say about the program

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"To express fully my love and gratitude for Success Stories and my fellow cohort is impossible. The challenge of openness, vulnerability, and building of community with Success Stories has made indescribable contributions to my desperately needed growth and healing from patriarchy. I have been through countless spaces—college, graduate school, movements—seeking a community of men where I could discuss and heal from patriarchy and further make amends for the harm I have caused in its name. Success Stories and the nascent relationships that have come from these 12 weeks have helped me stay accountable to my goals, but also moved me into a life of greater joy and freedom. At age 31 I finally feel closer to my more authentic self, me, than ever before." 

Tyler Greenhill, Virtual ProgramAlumni 

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