Our Program

offered to the community

Our work began inside of prisons, but in 2020 Success Stories began offering our 12-week workshop series in spaces outside of prisons.

About the Program:

  • Offered to cismen who are formerly incarcerated, have interacted with the criminal punishment system, or are at risk of being criminalized or incarcerated. 

  • Based in feminist theory that radically reshapes how people who have caused harm see themselves, their goals, and their relationships to the people closest to them.

  • Utilizes a “Relate – Investigate – Recreate” model where peer facilitators seek to relate with participants by describing how they personally dealt with or deal with similar thoughts and behaviors. 

  • Examples of spaces: Schools, Reentry and Recovery programs, other nonprofit organizations 


After graduating, all participants stay connected as a part of our Alumni Network, which offers tangible resource sharing, programming, and accountability to continue on their individual and collective journeys. 

What Our Participants Say about the program

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"On a very personal level [Success Stories Program] healed some wounds around relationships with men. For a long time, I was embarrassed and ashamed to show up with a group of men having different values.

Now, I have three sons – triplets. I hope to share with them that they can treat themselves well, be soft without being weak, and treat others with kindness and integrity. This program is aligned with how I intend on raising my sons forever." 

Tyler Epps, Alumni through partnership with Rise Up Kingston and the Newburgh LGBTQ+ Center

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