Richie Reseda

Co-Founder/Co-Executive Director


Richie co-founded Success Stories Program in 2014 while he was incarcerated at the Correctional Training Facility in Soledad, CA to make a space for young incarcerated men like him to achieve integrity and healthy, fulfilling, lives by challenging their patriarchy. He also co-founded Initiate Justice, which organizes people directly impacted by mass incarceration to change laws to end it and the social-impact media company, Question Culture.

Chantal Coudoux

Director of Operations/Co-Executive Director

Chantal is the Director of Operations/Co-Executive Director of Success Stories and former volunteer community liaison. She went to Scripps College in Claremont, California and graduated with a B.A. in politics and a focus on critical race theory and social movements. In her role at Success Stories, she oversees operations and fundraising and works closely with the Leadership Team and Board on strategic growth.

Mannie Thomas

Coach and Growth Coordinator

Mannie has been a Success Stories facilitator at CTF Prison since 2017. He holds 5 Associates Degrees in multiple disciplines. He recently had his sentence commuted by Governor Brown and was found suitable for parole. He was hired as a Success Stories Coach and Growth Coordinator upon his release in October of 2019. He focuses on identifying and securing new sites to deliver Success Stories Program. 


Coach and Coach Coordinator

Graham was a facilitator at CTF Prison in Soledad, CA. He came home in February of 2019 and joined the staff in July. He is a coach at three prisons in the central valley and multiple reentry programs in Southern California. He focuses on resource development for coaches nationally and identification of new sites to deliver Success Stories. 


Coach and Alumni Coordinator

Hugo served as the second President of Success Stories at CTF Prison in Soledad. Prior to that, he was the Vice President and one of the original facilitators. He now works as a coach and alumni coordinator, developing programs for our network of graduates. He also sits on the board of Initiate Justice.


Coach and Local President

Roy is the currently incarcerated Coach and local President of Success Stories at the Santa Barbara County Jail in California. He is a psychology student and key figure in the CNN documentary about Success Stories, The Feminist On Cellblock Y. He has worked with Success Stories since 2015.

Chris Johnson

Coach and Local President

Chris is the currently incarcerated Coach and local President of Success Stories at CTF Soledad. He is a business student with a specialty in organizational leadership. He is looking forward to his opportunity to be released in January 2021. He has worked with Success Stories since 2016.

KIKI Reitano

Communications/Administrative Coordinator

Kiki joined the Success Stories team in September 2020. She is pursuing two associates degrees in Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies at City College of San Francisco. In her role, Kiki creates communications content and coordinates administrative tasks.

Board of Directors

Megyung Chung

Roy Duran, Jr.

Amber Rose Howard

Chris Johnson

RIchie Reseda

Mannie Thomas